Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Master Harper
(Voice Master)
Era Second Interval
Third Pass
Affiliation Harper Hall
Camp Natalon
Spouse Cayla
Children Daughter Carissa
Foster-son Pellar
First appearance Dragonsblood

Harper Scribe BlankHold

Zist was a harper during the Second Interval and Third Pass. His spouse was Cayla. They had a daughter, Carissa, and adopted son, Pellar.


Zist and Cayla took three-year-old Pellar to ex-dragonrider Mikal to be taught.

Zist and Masterharper Murenny were worried about the Shunned and the upcoming Third Pass. When Pellar was ten, Zist and Cayla took baby Carissa with them while they went to find Shunned. During their travels, Cayla and Carissa contracted an illness. When the three returned to the Harper Hall, Cayla and Carissa died. Zist accepted an assignment at Camp Natalon, at which Pellar often visited him.


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