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Zaranth was a green dragon from Monaco Bay Weyr during the Ninth Pass. Her rider is Tai. Zaranth is weyrmates with Golanth, a bronze dragon ridden by F'lessan.


Five turns before the start of The Skies of Pern, Zaranth unexpectedly impressed on Tai, who was in the stands as an assistant to Wansor. After maturing, Zaranth went into heat on several occasions. While her flights were crowded and intense, as was typical for green mating flights, Tai grew to fear them as the winner often raped Tai afterward. At some point, Zaranth discovered the use of telekinesis as an active ability, which she used to divert Trundlebugs, though her rider remained unaware of this for sometime. Zaranth was one of many dragons who took part in the worldwide evacuation of people just before the Fireball Flood. Due to the destruction of Monaco Bay Weyr, Zaranth and Tai briefly took up residence at Honshu.

Soon after, while Tai and Benden rider F'lessan were planning to hunt felines, Zaranth took off on a mating flight and was flowing by F'lessan's bronze Golanth. Outraged when he learned of Tai's past experiences, F'lessan was able to show Tai how it could be. Zaranth and Golanth would become weyrmates, as did their riders. Zaranth's ability of Telekinesis became known at this time, and she attempted to teach Golanth the ability.

Some time later, Zaranth, Golanth and their riders were targeted by wild felines. Unable to defend themselves properly, Zaranth summoned every dragon she knew and taught the group to use telekinesis to fling the felines away, saving them all. Zaranth healed quickly, though Golanth's wounds were disabling. However, Zaranth would alert the healers of Golanth's needs, and remained attached to him.

Personality and traits

Zaranth is known for being larger and cleverer than other green dragons in the Ninth Pass. She was the first dragon to discover the ability of telekinesis, which she taught to other dragons. Ramoth would describe her actions during a feline attack as exceptionally brave, and honored her for saving Golanth's life.


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