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Zair is the bronze fire lizard of MasterHarper Robinton.


Zair's egg was from a clutch Menolly found, and specially picked by her along with one other egg for MasterHarper Robinton and his journeyman Sebell. When the eggs hatched, in the confusion, Master Robinton impressed bronze Zair, instead of the intended gold egg. Nonetheless he and Zair were closely bonded. Zair often took messages for Robinton when needed.

During a gather at Ruatha Hold, Zair was fed meat drugged with fellis, by a drudge unaware of what she was doing. This allowed conspirators to kidnap Robinton, as Zair would have been aware of open threats to Robinton otherwise. Zair was successfully purged after the kidnapping was discovery. Until Zair's recovery was certain, Robinton was unwilling to consider mercy in his treatment of the kidnappers. When Master Robinton died several weeks later, Zair passed on shortly after, but did not go between. Instead, he was found on Robinton, having turned grey.


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