Captain Admiral Paul Benden
Personnel 2,900
2,500 in deepsleep
400 alternated watches of Five Years
Shuttles Moth
Mariposa (Admiral's gig)

The Yokohama was one of three colony ships that brought the first settlers to Pern. It was the largest of the three, and thus was the flagship.


As one of three ships that brought settlers to Pern, the Yokohama was placed in a geostationary orbit over Pern. In the early years, it was linked to both Landing and a southern array of satellites, allowing it to provide numerous scientific observations. Avril Bitra would damage the ship in an attempt to escape Pern, but was stopped by the heroic sacrifice of Sallah Telgar. As time went on, the Pernese lost knowledge of their history; the Yokohama was believed to be part of a trio of stars known collectively as the Dawn Sisters, due to their appearances at dawn and dusk. It was only upon the redevelopment of the telescope, referred to as a farviewer, in the Ninth Pass that the true nature of the Dawn Sisters as a trio of ships became known.

After the discovery of AIVAS, the Yokohama became a major role in the plan to eliminate thread. There were several expeditions to restart life support systems, with the goal of using the Yokohama as a base from which to attack Thread. Eventually, the main engine of the Yokohama was removed and used to create an explosion which knocked the Red Star out of its orbit. Afterward, the Yokohama was the only one of the three ships to remain in orbit, as the orbits of the other two ships were degrading to critical levels. AIVAS instructed that the Yokohama would need to remain in orbit as long as possible, as the ship's computer systems would be used to track the Red Star.

Before and during the Fireball Flood, the Yokohama proved its worth by helping to track the path of an incoming meteor, which would crash into Pern's oceans and cause a Tsunami. The Yokohama's computer systems were able to pinpoint the place of impact, and its maps were used to create an evacuation plan. It would later be remarked that the Yokohama more than justified its continued existence.


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  • The stuff that was needed first was already packed on the shuttles.


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