Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Sea Holder
Master Fisher
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation Half-Circle Sea Hold
Spouse Mavi
Children Menolly
5 unnamed children
First appearance Dragonsong
Notable appearance Dragonsong

Half Circle Fisher

Yanus was the Sea Holder of Half-Circle Sea Hold in the Ninth Pass.


Yanus only appears in Dragonsong so we only get to know him through the eyes of his youngest daughter, Menolly. They had a very difficult relationship in that their needs and drives were so different. As a result, we really only get to know him as a 1-dimensional figure and not a very likeable one.

Yanus was considered by many to be the finest Sea Holder that Half-Circle had ever had. Under his leadership the Sea hold prospered. Because of his skill and wisdom with the sea and the weather they had few losses with both fishermen and/or ships.

But his wisdom in dealing with people was less well developed, especially the women of his hold. He was very traditional and felt that both men and women had their duties and any deviation wasn’t acceptable.

He knew his duty and role and expected everyone else to fill theirs to the benefit of the Sea Hold.

His biggest issue was with his youngest daughter Menolly, he didn’t feel that she was a proper girl because he couldn’t understand her as she didn’t have the same interests as the other girls in the sea hold.


To Yanus the Sea was everything and was unable to relate to anyone that didn’t feel the same way. He was a hard worker and dutiful to his responsibilities to both Benden Weyr and Half-Circle.

He very strongly believed in tradition and wasn’t able to think beyond what had always be done before.

According to MasterFisherman Idarolan, Yanus “Trains up a good seaman”


Mavi, Wife

6 children

  • 2 unnamed sons,
  • 1 unnamed daughter
  • Sella, the next oldest daughter
  • Alemi, the third son of six children
  • Menolly, their youngest child


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