Xanadu Weyr is the third prospective Weyr on the Southern Continent. It must be located on the central of the investigated part of the Southern continent.


A detailed description of the Weyr, established, the surrounding countryside, the economy and the other (on the basis of the The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern)

At the time of the mission to destroy Thread, a ninth Weyr was proposed to relieve the overcrowding in every one of the older Weyrs. A favored site was examined at the eastern end of the Western Barrier Range.

On the western shore of the Caspian Lake, at the confluence between the edge of the wide Rubicon River and the small inner sea, a small body of water full of tiny upthrust islands, stands the high palisade of granite dirts that once housed Xanadu stakehold. Wide stone steps were cut in the granite leading down to the lake shore.

The dwelling itself had been built of the native stone. Its chimney stack still stood into the Ninth Pass. The impressive vista in the sheltered valley and the broad lake with the interesting chimneylike islets would make a good weyr when Thread no longer fell.

Breda, a journeywoman weaver from Crom, and her dragon Amaranth, were thought to be good candidates for Weyrwoman and chief queen for the ninth Weyr when it should be founded. Amaranth was Ramoth's last daughter, clutched before the mission to end Thread.

Protected Territories

Posible Macedonia and Cathay Provinces.


Eighth Interval / Ninth Pass

Xanadu Weyr was the name given to a proposed settlement on the site of Xanadu Stake. In All the Weyrs of Pern, plans were made to establish a Ninth Weyr at this location, to cover the central areas of the Southern Continent. Breda was designated Senior Weyrwoman, along with her dragon; gold Amaranth.

For reasons as yet unknown, Xanadu Weyr was never settled; Dolphins of Pern depicts the Weyrleaders still looking for a suitable site in the Southern Continent, and Skies of Pern states that only eight Weyrs exist.

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