Wind Blossom
Kitti Ping and Wind Blossom. Copyright by Linda Eicher
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Rank Colonist
Head Medic
Era First Pass
Affiliation Landing
Fort Hold
Parent(s) See Notes
Children Emorra
First appearance Dragonsdawn
Notable appearance Dragonsblood

Beast Healer BlankHold Fort Shield

Wind Blossom was a geneticist and one of the original colonists of Pern.


Wind Blosson became a physician after the Second Crossing (the move north to Fort Hold). She developed the Watch-whers, the photosensitive «cousins» of the dragons, originally a product of incorrect coding by Wind Blossom that proved to be very important to the people of Pern in later ages.

Wind Blossom had one child herself, a daughter called Emorra, whose name combines those of Emily (Boll) and Sorka (Hanrahan), good friends of Wind Blossom. Sorka Hanrahan and Emily Boll's husband Pierre de Courci were Emorra's godparents. Her relationship with her mother was strained at the best of times, but like her mother (and great-grandmother), Emorra became a geneticist too. She was also Head Medic and the Dean of College (the predecessor of the Harper and Healer Halls) at Fort.

Wind Blossom left behind a sister on Tau Ceti, also trained in the Eradanis techniques, to come to Pern.

At the age of 81, she began displaying signs of senile dementia which presented as lapses in short term and recent memories. She died during the First Interval, after 58 AL.

Personality and traits

Wind Blossom had dark hair and dark eyes, even in older age. Her skin has a yellowish tinge and her eyes an almond shape, reflecting her Asian heritage.



  • Daughter (UK edition of Dragonsdawn and both UK and US editions of Dragonsblood) or granddaughter (US edition of Dragonsdawn) of Kitti Ping Yung. That Wind Blossom was Kitt Ping's daughter is unlikely because in Dragonsblood Wind Blossom is said to be 79 years of age in 56 AL (during the Frst Interval). This means she would have been born (depending on her birthday) 23 or 24 years before Landing and that she was 23 or 24 years old when arrving on Pern when Kitti Ping Yung was already in her tenth decade (as is given in Dragonsdawn). Despite the techniques available to the Terrans is does not seem likely that Kitti Ping would have given birth to a daughter in her late sixties or early seventies. This is not to say that isn't possibly, just highly unlikely.
  • Also called Wind Blossom Ping.
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