Keroon Shield

Waterhole Hold (often mistakenly referred to as Last Hold or Lost Hold; see below) was a minor holding located in the Keroon Heights.


Sixth Pass

During the Sixth Pass, a plague swept across Pern, infecting man and beast alike. When a remedy was found, Masterhealer Capiam proposed it be hastily delivered by Dragonriders going Between through time to Holds across the entire Northern Continent. Waterhole Hold was the last of fifteen minor holdings in Keroon to have the serum delivered to it by Fort Weyr Weyrwoman Moreta, who had grown up in Keroon and knew it well. Moreta perished shortly afterwards as the many trips and leaps through time had exhausted the dragon Holth who carried her.

Not long afterwards, the Holder, a man named Thaniel, became haunted by apparitions of Moreta and Holth, who, unknown to him, had died Between and been guided out by the spirits of Marco Galliani and Duluth; the first dragon/rider pair to go Between. Thaniel sent word to Fort Weyr, where Moreta's Dragon Orlith and Holth's rider Leri were patiently waiting for Orlith's eggs to hatch so they could go Between.

When the time came, Leri and Orlith travelled to Waterhole Hold, where they waited with Thaniel for Moreta and Holth to arrive. When they did, the two Weyrwomen thanked Thaniel for his help before going Between on their dragons once and for all.



Waterhole Hold was not given a name when Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern was published. When The Atlas of Pern was written, this holding was marked on several maps as «Last Hold», referring to it being the last of the holds Moreta visited. Due to this name also being used in the index at the rear of the book, some people believed that the name was in fact «Last Hold», or «Lost Hold», due to the «a» being written in a way that it could be misread as an «o». The publication of the short story "Beyond Between" finally identified the hold as Waterhole Hold.


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