Wansor from "The People of Pern" © 1988 Robin Wood. Used with Permission.
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Master Smith
Master Glass-smith
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation Smithcraft
Cove Hold
First appearance Dragonquest

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Wansor was a Master Smith in the Ninth Pass. He was responsible for a number of discoveries involving astronomy, and later became part of the developing Starcraft.


As a Master Smith, he worked with Terry and MasterSmith Fandarel on creating the distance viewer, a primitive telescope, which was based on ancient devices found in abandoned rooms on Benden Weyr. This device was used to study the Red Star, in an attempt to find valid coordinates for a dragonrider-led expedition. Though it soon became apparent that a journey to the Red Star was extremely hazardous, the study did allow Wansor to make several discoveries. Wansor was able to detect the presence of several other planets in their solar system, which he theorized to be responsible for a recent shift in thread patterns, due to an ongoing convergence. Later, Wansor was able to develop a set of equations that could be used to calculate the time and location of a future threadfall.

Wansor would later be among a group that first realize that the Dawn Sisters were not actually stars, but spacecraft. He was excited to find the telescopes and the thick manuals that were stored in the Catherine Caves; one was installed and started scanning the skies via AIVAS during the first years of the project. It sits on the right hand side of Cove Hold.

In later years, Wansor taught classes at the School in Landing. He eventually went blind, but had an excellent memory of the stars and planets. He trained several apprentices, including Tai and Erragon, who later became a master in his own right. After the events of the Fireball Flood, Wansor would help propose the formation of a Skywatch, led by dragonriders, who could help monitor future impact risks. In addition, he suggested the construction of several more observatories, including one on the Western Continent.

Personality and traits

Wansor is a skilled Smith, having risen to the rank of Master, and later becomes one of the Ninth Pass's most knowledgeable astronomers. He may look rumbled, but his notations are neat, so is his memory. Wansor was very nearsighted, and became blind by The Skies of Pern. However, he still taught a variety of apprentices. In his later years, he could be blunt and tactless, though it was never intentional.


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