Vital statistics
Title Harper
Gender Male
Rank Journeyman
Era Second Interval
Third Pass
Affiliation Harper Hall
First appearance Dragon Harper

Harper Hall

Verilan was a harper late in the Second Interval and early in the Third Pass.


Verilan was extraordinarily talented at scribing and researching in the Records.

He was an apprentice at the Harper Hall at the same time as Kindan. They were both close friends with Kelsa and Nonala. In their early days, Kindan defended all three of them when they were being tormented by Vaxoram. Kindan finally solved the problem by challenging Vaxoram to a duel, then beating him.

During the flu pandemic Verilan became sick. Conar helped to take care of him.

After the the flu pandemic ran its course, Verilan was promoted to journeyman and then to master. He was the second harper, after Murenny, to be promoted to journeyman then master on the same day.

Personality and traits


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