Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Journeyman Harper
Era Second Interval
Affiliation Harper Hall
First appearance Dragon Harper


Vaxoram was a journeyman Harper during the Second Interval.


He came from a minor holder family, before coming to the Harper Hall.

During the flu, Kindan discovered that Vaxoram couldn't read.

Vaxoram found records showing that, during a historical plague with which the dragonriders helped, it affected the weyrfolks, and it took twenty Turns for them to recover; so the Weyrs couldn't help with this 'flu' outbreak.

When a torch burnt many of the hall records, he and Kindan fought hard to save the records.

Appearance and personality

Vaxoram was a bully who would tease the younger apprentices. He acted as Head Apprentice of the Harper Hall.


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