Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Dragonrider
Dragon Green Sarinth
Era Third Pass
Affiliation Fort Weyr
Igen Weyr
Eastern Weyr
Sky Weyr
Spouse T'rennor (weyrmate)
Children At least one, with Seriya
First appearance Dragonheart
Notable appearance Sky Dragons

Fort Weyr Shield Igen Weyr Shield BlankWeyr BlankWeyr


V'lex was one of the weyrlings who went back in time to Igen Weyr with Fiona and T'mar. Fiona helped him control his dragon, Sarinth, when she rose for the first time. After they returned to the present time, he stayed at Fort Weyr after Telgar was taken over by Fiona.

He was at Eastern Weyr, and was the father of Seriya's baby, though it's unclear whether they had a romantic relationship or how long it lasted. He was one of the riders that X'lerin brought with him to the Western Isle, and was a friend, possibly lover, of J'keran. He admitted to Xhinna that he'd been in contact with J'keran after he left with Taria, and that he was in love with T'rennor. He had a pet Meeyu named Mee.

Personality and traits

R'ney described him as «thick and slippery» and said he wasn't his type, but that he was a good rider. He was a natural parent and caregiver, and want to give comfort to others.


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