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Cheers, all! I'm a fan of dragons in general (I also do the odd work for the Temeraire wiki), and I thought this place could use some tidying up, so I decided to join so I could help out!

There hasn't been a complete Pern Guide yet - all so far have either become outdated as new material's been published, or the person has started compiling information but never finished it. I'm confident that with a bit of work, we can bring this site up to scratch!

The gain from such a task is obvious, but it will also allow us to speculate on the areas of Pern that remain clouded in mystery or are seldom referenced. For example, how many Oldtimers initially went South, how many remained when D'ram reorganised Southern Weyr, and what happened to characters such as Mardra and Merika?

Synopsis Progress

When I have the time, I'm re-reading each of the Pern books, and taking careful notes so that I can write character lists (and character pages) and plot summaries/synopses, and also so that I have notes listing the sources for key bits of information - such as what "Purple" means as a dragon eye colour (It's Worry, and it's in The White Dragon, if you're curious).

Note: percentage numbers might not be completely accurate; I might have fudged the numbers a bit or rounded them off to reflect that I'm partway through another book.

First Pass through Second Pass - 75% Complete

Second Interval through Third Pass - 100% Complete

Sixth Pass - 100% Complete

Eighth Interval through Ninth Pass - 100% Complete

Games - 100% Complete


  • Total: 32/33 - 1 Left

Useful Sources

I've got plenty of things that can be added to the Pern Wiki, but I'm not quite sure where to put them, or what copyright licenses apply, and crap like that.

  • 1. An updated map of Ninth Pass Pern; complete with topographical information from the Atlas of Pern [5].
  • 2. Scanned and digitally coloured pictures of the various shields from the Dragonlover's Guide To Pern [6].
  • 3. A list of Pernese dragon eye colours; made using observations from nearly every Pern book [7].
  • 4. An in-depth analysis of how Between works [8].
  • 5. Several possible renderings of the Pernese flag mentioned in Dragonsdawn [9].
  • 6. A verbal map of Igen and Telgar Weyrs, with notes as to what makes up a Weyr [10].
  • 7. The draft of a image that attempts to show the timeline of how long the Lord Holders and Weyrleaders have had their positions [11].

There's definitely more things to add, but they're the first that spring to mind.


If you've come to my page looking for some advice on something, drop me a line on my talk page! Alternatively, if you're looking for something to do, may I recommend one of the following pages?

  • Dynamic People of Pern - Currently contains character lists from every book, but many names are still regrettably blank. Click a red link and create the page, if you know enough about the character!
  • List of Holds - Many more minor holding exist than have been detailed in the Atlas of Pern (which was in fact scheduled for an update, although this never occured). Read about these new locations here, or help write pages for them or the other minor holds.
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