Tunnel snakes were a life form indigenous to Pern.


After Landing, first year

Tunnel snakes were a native animal to Pern. Some of them were said to be edible; but when Sean Connell's father Porrig trapped, skinned, and grilled several snakes, he sampled a tiny bite of each variety and instantly had to wash his mouth out, as the snake flesh stung and caused his mouth to swell. He gave the order to his people to snare and kill the vermin. They wanted dogs to go down the holes to get them. After Sean Impressed his two browns, they were put to watching the Connell babies, after a blue molted tunnel snake took a bite out of them.

Late First Interval — Early Second Pass

Iantine and a woodsman, with whom he stayed for three nights while waiting out a storm in the woodsman's Bitra Hold, survived by eating tunnel snakes. "If you’re hungry enough, even tunnel snake tastes good,” Iantine said.

Late Second Interval — Early Third Pass

Growing up, Fiona would hunt tunnel snakes at Fort Hold, much to her father's irritation. She warned everyone about them at Igen Weyr. Nuelsk died from a tunnel-snake bite after rescuing Nuella from a cave-in.

Far Western Continent

At Eastern Isle and Western Isle on the Far Western Continent, they grew bigger than the ones on the Northern Continent and Southern Continent.

Late Eight Interval — Early Ninth Pass

K'van earned marks by catching tunnel snakes; and, Pell would boast that they were good eating. He caught many in Igen Caverns and in the woods in Lemos Hold; they were used by many folks while traveling.


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