Benden Weyr Shield

Tuenth was a bronze dragon at Benden Weyr late in the Eighth Interval into the Ninth Pass. His rider was S'lel.


When Tuenth impressed his rider, S'lel was in the same group of candidates as F'lon and R'gul.

During the Spring Games, S’lel’s Tuenth came out of between flaming and caught Larth all along his side. There were enough dragonriders in the air to cushion Larth back to earth, screaming his head off; but, since Larth was too badly burned, he went between forever right there on the ground.


The exact circumstances of Larth's death are disputed; see here.

The Death/Exile Inconsistencies section of that page indicates that Dragonflight & The Masterharper of Pern give differing information about Larth's death, as regards the flaming dragon and place of death.

However, the US Kindle versions of both books say the same thing about Larth's death - he was accidentally flamed by Tuenth. In both books, Larth died during the Spring Games; but, The Masterharper of Pern specifies that Larth died during Firestone practice.

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