Trundlebugs were insects native to the Southern Continent.


Trundlebugs existed only in the Southern Continent. They functioned as natural pollinators, gathering pollen from low-growing trees and shrubs. Immature trundlebugs attached themselves to their parent, following behind. Some believed that the species may only consist of females. One of the trundlebug's most interesting characteristics was that it traveled in a straight line. Trundlebugs would go straight up tall obstacles and down the other side, and even travel through water. If disturbed from this path, trundlebugs would give off an unpleasant stink that lingered for days.

Unusually, trundlebugs were key to the development of telekinesis in dragons, as the ability was first used by Zaranth, a green dragon, to keep trundlebugs away from her without disturbing them. Encounters with trundlebugs were later used to awaken the ability in other dragons.

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