Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Apprentice
Era Eighth Interval
Affiliation Keroon Hold
Harper Hall
First appearance The Masterharper of Pern
Notable appearance The Masterharper of Pern

Keroon Shield Harper

Traller, better known as Tuck, was a Harper Hall apprentice and later spy under his predecessor Nip.


Traller was born in Keroon Hold before being assigned to the Harper Hall for his good treble voice. After losing his voice to puberty, Traller continued to excel in drumming.

As an apprentice Traller was known for his mischievousness and excess of energy. These traits meant that he struggled within the crafthall, despite his winning temperament, and he was disciplined frequently if not harshly in an effort to curb his waywardness. Sebell eventually suggested that these precise trait that caused Traller such trouble within the hall might serve him well as a spy, pointing out also that Nip was becoming increasingly overextended in attempting to keep an eye on Fax's movements.

Traller was thus assigned to apprentice under Nip and given the name Tuck (as in «Nip and Tuck»). Although not as naturally suited to discretion as Nip, Tuck nevertheless thrived in his new capacity and was important in keeping Master Robinton informed of Ruatha's unnatural decline.

Personality and Traits

Traller was notably not fond of work, and often concocted deceptions and pranks in order to avoid it. Although it was known that such activity was his work, the plans were executed in such a way that another boy was always there to take the fall with the trick unable to be connected to Traller in any way. When not inventing creative ways to avoid work, Traller was merely not in evidence, and always with a good reason to explain his untimely absence. The one area in which he excelled at the Harper Hall was drumming, and he could be found drumming constantly, with his fingers or with objects such as sticks or even chicken bones; his roommates even claimed that he drummed with his toes in his sleep.

Despite his work-shy nature, Traller was physically skilled. He was an excellent rider and wrestler, and skilled with throwing knives. He was also exceedingly clever, both in inventing jokes and excuses and, later, in spywork.


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