Traders is one of the traditional crafts on Pern. They do not have one permanent crafthall.


A detailed description of the Craft on the basis of the The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern

Telgar often has some rough weather over the course of a Turn. The main Hold tends to get snowed in during the cold season, so it must be self-sufficient. It needs to care for more than its own permanent population, since traders and their families commonly winter over in Telgar, where they are welcomed by Larad, a willing host.

In the spring, the traders leave Telgar for their annual circuit of the Northern Continent. Most follow the traditional road, traveling west to Crom, Nabol, the High Reaches, Tillek, down to Southern Boll, up to Ruatha, then to Fort Hold, where they take ship for Ista. The traders debark in Nerat, travel north and west to Greystones and Valley Hold or Half Circle, and finally converge in Benden Hold. As the weather begins to turn cool, they follow the river road down into Keroon and Igen, and travel up the Great Dunto River back to Telgar before the weather traps them elsewhere.

Sea Traders begin their routes in Tillek or Fort Sea Hold and stop in at Ista, Big Bay, Igen, Keroon, and Nerat. Telgar sends its goods downriver to Big Bay by means of shore luggers, heavy haulers something like river barges; not very fast but very safe, the shore luggers can carry a considerable amount of goods.

Traders are a special caste of crafters. They do not have their own crafthall and Craftsmasters. They are divided into clans and travel between Holds by caravans. A distinctive feature of each clan is the surname, by which they are identified (they are the only ones that have saved their family names since the colonization).

Positions and responsibilities

  • Trader — the general name of specialists.


First Pass / First Interval

In the First Pass and the beginning of the First Interval, trade caravans did not yet exist.

In The Renegades of Pern says: «The Amhold train has serviced holds since the very First Pass.». However, this can be an allegorical expression. The genus Lilcamp Traders also comes from the colonist Joel Lilienkamp, but during the Pass, Lilienkampes were holders.

First Interval / Second Pass

Second Interval / Third Pass

Sixth Pass

  • Clans:

Eighth Interval / Ninth Pass

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