Vital statistics
Gender Female
Rank Master Healer
Era Second Interval
Third Pass
Affiliation Benden Weyr
Healer Hall
Fort Weyr
Parent(s) T'val
First appearance Dragonheart
Notable appearance Dragongirl

Benden Weyr Shield Healer Fort Weyr Shield

Tintoval was a healer in the Second Interval and Third Pass.


At Benden Weyr

Born in Benden Weyr, to T'val a blue rider, who was hoping for a boy, when she was named. He and his blue Talerinth were lost in a flamestone explosion when she was six turn old, she was eight turns when she met Kindan, and became K'tan understudy. She is like Bekka, in which she don't sleep, but take short naps.

At the Harper and Healer Hall

Two turn later she was at the Harper Hall, then Healer Hall.

Fort Weyr

She is a master, on loan from Healer Hall, at suggestion of Lord Bemin, didn't known much about dragons outside being weyrborn and bred. Fiona showed her around, and  meeting other. The first one she meets is Serth and his rider, S'ban.


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