Vital statistics
Title Holder
Gender Male
Rank Student
Staff Member
Era First Pass
First Interval
Affiliation Benden Hold
Spouse Emorra
Parent(s) Purman
Children One son
Fire-lizard(s) Brown Grenn
First appearance Dragonsblood

Benden ShieldHarper

Tieran was a student and later staff member at the College near the end of the First Pass and beginning of the First Interval.


He was born in Benden Hold and liked to play with the watch-wher. One day, while the watch-wher was sleeping, Tieran came over to her and tried to scratch her head. The watch-wher instinctively reacted, leaving Tieran with severe injuries. His right forehead, nose, and left cheek had been opened by the three-clawed paw of the watch-wher. The claw-marks continued down the top left side of the boy’s chest, near the shoulder, and into the biceps of the upper left arm.

Tieran was taken to Wind Blossom at the College for treatment. He remained at the College for many years and eventually married Wind Blossom's daughter Emorra.


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