The Third Interval was the time period after the end of the Third Pass.

At least four dragonriders from the Third Pass survived to this point in time: Tullea, Fiona, Terin and C'tov. Two dragonriders from the Third Pass were known to have traveled forwards in time to the Third Interval: Lorana, who had planned to bring back dragonriders to aid the depleted Weyrs but was tricked into returning by Tullea, and F'jian, who Lorana brought with her on a second trip to the future with the intention of showing him the extended family that would exist years after his death. Tullea went between on Minith following Lorana's first trip to the Third Interval.

Lorana had died by this point, but she had a son who later became Weyrleader of Benden Weyr and ended up in a relationship with Tullea's daughter.


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