Telgar Shield

Thella's Hold — name small hold, occupied by Thella in Ninth Pass.


It was found by Benamin Bloodline, but became unattended since before the lass pass, Thella had removed 12 skulls from the hold, the only part of that the mountain snakes couldn't eat.

While out with her father, Tarathel, she asked discreet questions about Contract Law an she check the Hold Records, the Benamin Bloodline started.

She had been forced to leave her mountain hold that first winter, before the snows blocked the one trail down, or leave her own skeleton for snake fodder.

The coming of the second spring of that improbable Pass, Thella had finally wintered comfortably, having located three secure, well-concealed caves that were small but adequate for shelter. She had left each of them provisioned for reuse should she require them again.

Later Thella returned to the first hold where she settled her gang.

Hold Residents


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