"The Impression" is a short story revolving around F'lessan's Impression to his Dragon, bronze Golanth. It was published in the Dragonlover's Guide to Pern, and written by both Anne McCaffrey and Jody Lynn Nye.

Written entirely from Felessan's point of view, this story is an insight into the thoughts and experiences that a successful candidate for a hatching has in the Weyr, on the Hatching Grounds, and after Impressing a dragon.

These events are also depicted in the novel Dragondrums, although not to the same level of detail.

Plot Summary

After viewing Ramoth's eggs on the Benden Weyr Hatching Grounds, Felessan, a candidate and the son of the Weyrleaders, goes off to hunt tunnel snakes in the depths of the Weyr, taking Catrul, another candidate, with him.

The two succeed in snaring the snake, only to hear the sound of the hatching beginning above them. Felessan and Catrul race to the Lower Caverns, quickly washing and changing into the appropriate white tunic with the other candidates, before they are led on to the Hatching Grounds.

The eggs begin to hatch, and Felessan watches as many of his friends - including Catrul - impress the dragons that emerge. A bronze hatchling comes his way, tripping over its wing in the process. Felessan helps the young dragon up and Impresses it. The dragon introduces himself as Golanth, and Felessan leads him to the Weyr Bowl to feed. In the Weyr Bowl, Felessan is greeted by an old friend, T'gran, who congratulates him and addresses him by his new name - F'lessan.

F'lessan feeds his dragon - briefly warning Golanth to chew his food lest he choke - and oils Golanth's back after he complains of an itch. F'lessan also notices that Mirrim, another inhabitant of the Weyr, has Impressed a green dragon, despite not being on the Hatching Grounds.

After he finishes the oiling, F'lessan and Golanth head to the Weyrling Barracks, where Golanth falls asleep, and F'lessan grows tired, going to sleep against Golanth. Soon afterwards, the Weyrlingmaster comes through the barracks to check on the Weyrlings, and places a blanket over the sleeping pair.


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