Book nameDragonlover's Guide to Pern
Author Jody Lynn Nye
with Anne McCaffrey
Cover artistTodd Cameron Hamilton
Publisher Del Rey
Date of first
Nov, 1989

Written by Jody Lynn Nye in collaboration with Anne McCafrey, "The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern" is a companion book to the Pern series that contains facts and other interesting insights into the planet of Pern and its inhabitants.

Chapters (First Edition) [177 pp.]

Chapter I: Overview

Chapter II: Fit for Human Habitation

  • The EEC Exploration
  • Colonial Landing, the Ships and Commanders
  • Native Flora, Native Fauna
  • Dragonets
  • Imported Flora
  • Imported Fauna
  • Adaptations
  • The First Stakeholds

Chapter III: The Red Star

  • Thread!
  • Defense
  • Appearance and Behavior of Thread

Chapter IV: From Dragonets to Dragons

Chapter V: Weyrlings

  • The Impression - A Short Story
  • The Care and Feeding of a Young Dragon

Chapter VI: Training and Fighting Dragons

  • Weyrling Training
  • The Fighting Wings
  • Wing and Flights
  • Threadfighting Tactics
  • Shoulder Knots

Chapter VII: Threadfall Charts

Chapter VIII: Fort, the First Hold

Chapter IX: Benden, the Second Weyr

Chapter X: Holds, Crafthalls and Weyrs

Chapters (Second Edition) [213 pp.]

Chapter XI: The End of Thread

  • Process Initiated
  • Window of Opportunity
  • Restoring Power to Pern
  • Learning New Skills
  • Plastics
  • Opposition Arises
  • The Project Begins
  • The Face of the Red Star
  • “Project Overkill”
  • The Window Open

Chapter XII: Life After Thread

Chapter XIII: Dolphineers

Chapter XIV: New Life for the Dragons

Chapter XV: Pronunciation Guide to Names on Pern

Chapter XVI: Dragons and Their Riders

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