Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Mastersmith
Era Second Interval
Third Pass
Affiliation Smithcraft
Nuella's Wherhold
Spouse Silstra
Children Two
Notable appearance Dragon's Kin

Smith BlankHold BlankHold

Terregar was the husband of Kindan's oldest sister, Silstra. He married Silstra in the Fall at Camp Natalon late in the Second Interval.


Terregar was a Mastersmith. He and Zenor constructed a saddle for Nuella after they learned that she had been flying her gold Watch-wher Nuellask upside down while fighting threadfall.

While Fiona was back in Time at Igen Weyr and helping Nuella and Zenor set up a wherhold and gold mine near Plains Hold, she explained to Mastersmith Veclan what they had planned for the gold mine. After he agreed to send several crafters, Fiona convinced Terregar and Silstra to move from Smith Hall to the gold mine. Fiona later discovered that Silstra was pretty much running the gold mine, while Terregar was focusing on work in gold and jewels.

Personality and traits

Terregar was of medium height but well-muscled. He wore a short, close-trimmed, dark beard that always seemed to be split by a smile made all the brighter by his twinkling blue eyes.


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