Teresa was «The Tillek» of dolphins is the in the Ninth Pass.


She is the oldest wisest female dolphin, who came and spoke to Jayge Lilcamp and Aramina at Paradise River Hold, to see if their oldest son Readis, could become the Dolphineer for a new craft at Rubicon River Hold for dolphins and Dolphineer. she rang the Report sequence in which Readis II answers, and removed a bloodfish, and ask him to swim with him out to the Great Current where his parents, Master Alemi, MasterFisherman Idarolan and the Benden Wyerleaders, and Lord Ranrel of Tillek Hold, came at her request to come work with her pods.

Personality and traits

She speak the clearest of all the dolphins, she said its from repeating the History and other informant to young calves, wishing to become adult by swimming across the Great Subsidence.


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