Ted Tubberman
Theodore Tubberman
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Charter Member
Head Botanist
Era First Pass
Affiliation Landing
Calusa Stake
Spouse Mary Tubberman
Children Lucy Tubberman
Ned Tubberman
Peter Tubberman
two girls
First appearance Dragonsdawn

Farmer BlankHold BlankHold

Ted Tubberman was a colonist of Pern.


Ted Tubberman was the chief botanist of the Pern colony. He created the grubs to fight Thread. He also created a species of feline, based on cheetahs, which turned on him. He had lost his apprentice and daughter Lucy Tubberman, in the first fall. Grief turned him into the most difficult person for the colonists to deal with while trying to rally and fight Thread. His outlandish conspiracy theories and arrogant nature soon made him quite disliked. After being outvoted on sending to FSP for help, his disruptive behavior led to him being carried out of the colonists' meeting. 

Later, after the death of Avril Bitra, her former cohorts Stev Kimmer and Bart Lemos worked with Ted to steal the hidden homing capsule and launch a distress call into space. The colonists leaders, Paul Benden and Emily Boll, could only prove his involvement however. The consequence for going explicitly against the vote of the colony was to be returned to his home stake and shunned. It is a mark of how many people he had rubbed the wrong way that this punishment was fairly rejoiced at. 

His oldest son Ned Tubberman, found it hard to related to him, and  the stress on the family after he was Shunned, took much out of them.

Shunning proved difficult under more than one circumstance. Ted's wife, Mary, stayed by his side with their small children and soon fell out of communication with friends and neighbours. When Threadfall was to reach the Tubberman stake, the colonists were ordered not to help. Unable to completely abide by this edict, Drake Bonneau did a flyby on his sled and unwittingly saw a patch of undamaged grass. Drake's flyby was witnessed by Ned Tubberman, who urged Drake to go with him to the colony leaders and speak about what he'd seen. Paul and Emily, much to Ned's dismay, decided not to ask Ted Tubberman what he had created to preserve his land against Thread. When Ned accused them of foolish pride, the leaders pointed out that it was a matter of safety. If Ted had changed his attitude toward working with the colonists, they'd be glad to speak to him. Ned admitted his father had not changed.

Ted was the father of Peter Tubberman, later known as Purman. He died 8 years after Landing. His wife was Mary, and Oldest was Lucy Tubberman, Ned Tubberman, and two unnamed sisters.

Appearance and Personality

He had fast fingers and bad memory for names, O+ blood.

Eridani techniques, he understoon that felines didn't do well with [Mentasynth], but he did it anyway. Using the stolen supplies he took from Landing, before he was Shunned.

Ted's primary personality trait after the First Fall was arrogance.


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