Tavi Andiyar (Telgar)
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Charter Member
Lord Holder
*head of mine engineering
Era First Pass
Affiliation Landing
Karachi Camp
Fort Hold
Telgar Hold
Spouse Sallah Telgar
Children Ram Da, Dena, Ben and Cara
First appearance Dragonsdawn

BlankHold Fort Shield Telgar Shield Miner Smith

Tarvi Andiyar, later known as Telgar, was a colonist of Pern.


Tarvi Andiyar was born c. 60 years BL (before landing; he spent the fifteen years of the journey to Pern in deep sleep) and was one of the original colonists, died c. 50 AL. Tarvi was a geologist, miner and head of mine engineering on Pern. He was of Indic ancestry with many holy men among his ancestors. Tarvi occupied quarters C-8411 on the colonist flagship the Yokohama.

Before Thread

He and Sallah found the stakehold Karachi Camp, before moving north during the Second Crossing, mapping and mining, many different places

Tarvi Andiyar changed his name to simply Telgar after the heroic death of his wife Sallah Telgar whom he married in the first year of the colonist settlement on Pern while she was already pregnant with their first child, their son Ram Da. 

Fort Hold

He, Cobber Alhinwa, and Ozzie Munson, explored both Fort Hold and Weyr, and in Western Mountain Range. He also took the first Watch-wher, Cara Telgar loved one.

Telgar Hold

He was the founder and first Lord Holder of Telgar Hold. In 48, ten years before Threadfall ceased (the end of the First Fall was in 58), he had seedlings in every corner of the Hold, ready to plant out. He had four children with Sallah: Ram Da, Dena, Ben and Cara, who all changed their name to Telgar together with their father.

As of the Ninth Pass, Tarvi and Sallah's descendants continued to be the Lord Holders of Telgar Hold.

Appearance and Personality

He was quite thin, but had muscles, and he could work hard for long hours. He was of Indic descent.


Additional Information

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