Tarrie Chernoff
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Rank Colonists
junior weyrwoman
Kitchen Manager
Dragon Gold Porth
Era First Pass
Affiliation Landing
Fort Weyr
Parent(s) Ivan Chernoff
Dasha Chernoff
Siblings Peter Chernoff
Jacob Chernoff
Martha Chernoff
Fire-lizard(s) gold Sira
bronze and brown
First appearance Dragonsdawn
Notable appearance The Chronicles of Pern: First Fall

BlankHold Fort Weyr Shield

Tarrie Chernoff was a colonist on Pern. She was one of the first dragonriders.


Early Life

During the first fall after the mass meeting at Landing Tarrie was part of the ground crew. Her fire lizard queen Sira was injured, causing her bronze and brown fire lizards to disappear. Sorka Hanrahan tried to comfort her by telling her that they would probably return.

She was on duty when the Ted Tubberman homing capsule mayday was sent out. She reported the air traffic during that flight.

Impression and Early Years

Tarrie impressed the queen dragon Porth. Her impression changed her personality, as it did all the dragonriders. Tarrie stopped apologizing for minor accidents or inconsistencies.

She was part of Dave Catarel's wing, When the dragonriders found the phosphine rock in a upland area near Sadrid Stake, she had a piece in her hand about the same size she use to give Sira. When she gave it to Porth, however, Porth was the first queen to bite herself and bring up the unprocessed rock. When they reached Seminole, Tarrie talked her brother Peter into giving them several flamethrowers and half their tanks of agenothree.

Fort Hold

During the first fall at Fort Hold, she led the rest of the queen's wing while Sorka was at the port, getting more tanks.

Fort Weyr

When the dragonriders moved up to Fort Weyr, they found that a queen in heat could trigger others near their time. Tarrie's Porth was injured in an accident involving several queens in heat. Porth still could fly short range, while the other two queens, Evenath and Siglath, were not able to fly in the queen's wing.

Tarrie had nightmares of Porth going between without her.

She became the kitchen manager at the weyr.


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