Vital statistics
Gender female
Rank Lower Cavern Resident
Dragon Green Coranth
Era Second Interval
Third Pass
Affiliation Telgar Weyr
Western Weyrs
Sky Weyr
Spouse weyrmate Xhinna
First appearance Dragongirl
Notable appearance Sky Dragons

Telgar Weyr Shield BlankWeyr

Taria was a dragonrider in the Second Interval and Third Pass. Her dragon was green Coranth.


When Xhinna came to Telgar Weyr after the loss of D'gan and all the dragonriders, she found herself a new friend.

She impress her green Coranth hatched out of Talenth, first clutch, she grew up in Eastern Weyr,

And because her green wasn't fed firestone, so when she flew to mate for the first time at she became the first have a laying qeen.

Personality and Traits


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