Vital statistics
Title Healer of Animals
Gender Male
Rank Master
Era Sixth Pass
Affiliation Beastcraft
First appearance Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern
Notable appearance Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern

BeastKeroon Shield


Moreta knew him from her father hold, they were to study under the same Master at Beastcrafthall, at Keroon, but she was searched and Impressed Orlith at Ista Weyr, while he when on to the hall.

Turns later, he was the one that tracked the runnerbeasts, leaving the Beastcrafthall, meeting up with MasterHealer Capiam at the Ista Gather, and the two agree to have the feline killed, he would start quarantine at Ista Hold, he died of the flu.


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