Vital statistics
Gender Male
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation Harper Hall
Spouse Rosheen
First appearance Dragonquest
Notable appearance The Skies of Pern

Harper Printer

Tagetarl was a Harper in the Harpercraft, during the Ninth Pass. He later became the first Craftmaster of the Printercraft.


Tagetarl was one of four Harpers that accompanied Robinton to Telgar Hold to entertain at the wedding of Lord Asgenar and the half-sister of Lord Larad. Later on he was called to be an entertainer for Kylara.

After the discovery of AIVAS, he was there to record the meeting at Landing. When AIVAS wanted the Harper Hall to build the first printing press, Tagetarl was noted for his carving. When the Printercraft was established as an independent craft, Tagetarl was chosen as the craft's first Master. At some point, he married Rosheen, who assisted him in the new craft.

Tagetarl established a Printer Hall at Wide Bay Hold, using wood doors for his gate, as metal was too expensive. His office was faced in such a way that he could not see if a dragon took off from from the fireheights of Keroon Hold. In addition to printing books and manuals for sale, Tagetarl also printed news to be distributed publicly, doing so during the Fireball Flood to provide a warning regarding the flood's effects. The spread of printed facts prevented the Abominators from using the flood to gain followers, as most Pernese came to believe that AIVAS's technology had prevented greater disaster.

As a result of his work, Tagetarl and his craft became the target of the Abominators. However, the plot was discovered by the Runners and passed on to Pinch. Pinch warned Tagetarl of the plot and take measures to protect the hall, which included the use of a fire-retardant paint discovered in AIVAS's files by Piemur. When the plot took place that night, Pinch's efforts resulted in the Abominators being caught red-handed, with the only harm being to the hold's outer gates and a window. Jaxom and N'ton, had also been called upon to assist, and a trial was held in front of Wide Bay's holders, who all chose to serve a witnesses. Tagetarl confronted the Abominators, who insisted that he printed lies. However, the conspirators were exiled for their actions.

Tagetarl were later kept busy when the new Sky Watch was proposed, working to print technical manuals for the new craft.


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