Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Dragonrider
Dragon Green Kisorth
Era Second Interval
Third Pass
Affiliation Eastern Weyr
Sky Weyr
Spouse V'lex (weyrmate)
First appearance Sky Dragons

Eastern Weyr Sky Weyr

T'rennor was a dragonrider at Eastern Weyr and Sky Weyr late in the Second Interval and beginning of the Third Pass. His dragon was green Kisorth.


Since Kisorth had not been fed firestone, she clutched at Eastern Weyr after her first mating flight. It is not known who flew Kisorth at Eastern Weyr. And, sadly, Kisorth lost all her eggs in the Hatching sands at Eastern when they were eaten by tunnel snakes.

Kisorth clutched again after her mating flight at Sky Weyr, at which time she was flown by J'per's Ginoth. The first "green queen" (a gold dragon clutched by a green), Laspanth, hatched from that clutch.

In a break with tradition, T'rennor eventually ended up in a relationship with fellow greenrider V'lex.

He had a pet Meeyu which he name Yu.

Personality and traits

In Xhinna's opinion, T'rennor was too meek, too easily led and too willing to be the butt of jokes.


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