Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Wingleader
Dragon Bronze Zirenth
Era Third Pass
Affiliation Fort Weyr
Igen Weyr
Telgar Weyr
Spouse Fiona
Children Tiona
First appearance Dragonheart

Fort Weyr Shield Igen Weyr Shield Telgar Weyr Shield

T'mar was a wingleader for Fort Weyr, and later Weyrleader for Telgar Weyr.


T'mar was bonded to the bronze dragon, Zirenth. He served under K'lior and Cisca in Fort Weyr as a wingleader. When the deadly plague struck them it left too few dragons to battle Thread. So, T'mar and injured riders and dragons went back in time ten Turns to Igen Weyr, so that the injured could rest and heal. They planned to return to the present three years after they left, which would be only three days in the present. What he didn't expect was for Fort Weyr's junior weyrwoman, Fiona, and all the other weyrlings to be waiting for them, brought to Igen by a mysterious gold rider from the future.

As the oldest and most healthy rider, T'mar became the closest thing to Igen's Weyrleader even if Zirenth did not fly the senior queen (in Igen, it is Fiona's young queen, Talenth). T'mar served the Weyr as best he could, guiding the younger ones, but also letting them learn on their own. Over time, than he grew very close to Fiona, and might have fallen in love with her (this fact has never been proven, for when Fiona and T'mar slept together and one said «I love you», it might have been T'mar or Fiona who said it, or no one might have).

After returning back to the present, than T'mar became part of a love triangle between him, Fiona and Kindan. It is still unsure of how T'mar fits into the plan of Lorana and Fiona «sharing» Kindan.

When all of Telgar Weyr went between when its Weyrleader, D'gan, was ill and gave unclear coordinates, and led them to their deaths, than Fiona, T'mar, Lorana, Kindan, and several other dragonriders went to the empty Telgar Weyr. Fiona became its senior Weyrwoman, with the Weyrleader unknown until Talenth rose for a mating flight.

But, tragedy struck, when T'mar was thrown against a wall, and thought to be dead. Zirenth, not feeling any life in his rider, began to go between, only to be stopped by Lorana and Kindan. It turns out T'mar was just in a concussion. But, during this time, Talenth rose to mate. Although his rider was ill, Zirenth still was part of the mating flight, and caught Talenth. With T'mar immobile, Fiona was forced to mate with Kindan who was still bonded to Zirenth. But, because Zirenth flew Talenth, than T'mar became Telgar's Weyrleader.


T'mar's phrase is «You have to do three times to get it right».

When T'mar was traing to be a dragonrider, than he was «the one idiot who thought he was better than the rules».


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