From "Dragonriders of Pern" Boardgame © 1983 by Mayfair Games Original artwork © by Robin Wood
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Weyrleader
Dragon Bronze Salth
Era Eighth Pass
Ninth Pass
Affiliation High Reaches Weyr
Southern Weyr
Spouse Merika (werymate)
First appearance Dragonquest
Notable appearance The White Dragon

High Reaches Weyr Shield Southern Weyr Shield

T'kul was the Weyrleader of High Reaches Weyr during the Eighth Pass. He eventually came forward four hundred years to the Ninth Pass. His dragon was bronze Salth.


T'kul was orginally from the Eighth Interval, where he served as Weyrleader of High Reaches.

When Lessa came back in time from the Ninth Pass and requested help, T'kul and his weyr traveled four hundred years into the future to assist in the fight against Thread. Though the group was originally united in this task, differences arose as a result of cultural differences regarding the status of the Crafts and Holds. T'kul was among the group who believed that the Crafts and Holds should be subservient to the Weyrs, and public opinion of him fell over time. He and the rest of the riders from the Eighth Pass came to be referred to as Oldtimers.

Over time, T'kul became lax in his duties, failing to attend meetings, and failing to ensure that Threadfalls were properly flown. Eventually, Kylara, Weyrwoman of Southern Weyr, discovered that T'kul had failed to muster his weyr for a premature threadfall, and roused the weyr herself. Though plans were made to address the matter, T'ron, Weyrleader of Fort Weyr, engaged in a duel with F'lar for the future of Pern. Upon F'lar's victory, T'kul and all other Oldtimers, were exiled to Southern Weyr, where he forced everyone out within an hour and claimed that he would attack anyone who challenged him. It was later discovered that he had intentionally fouled High Reaches Weyr's water source.

T'kul remained at Southern Weyr for many years, where he most likely alternated with T'ron as Weyrleader, with Mardra serving as weyrwoman. Southern Weyr began to suffer as aging Queens and a lack of greens meant no mating flights to soothe the mating urges of the bronzes. The Southerners would try to steal an egg from Ramoth, the queen dragon of Benden Weyr, which failed. Eventually, T'kul returned to the Northern Continent. He would attempt to have his dragon, Salth, fly the new Istan queen Caylith, during a mating flight meant to determine the replacement weyrleader for D'ram, who had stepped down. Salth's age, combined with the exertion of the flight caused the bronze's heart to burst, killing him.

Maddened by grief, T'kul attempted to murder F'lar, but the Benden Weyrleader was ultimately stronger, and T'kul was killed. The sheer stress of that situation caused Masterharper Robinton to suffer a heart attack. It is said by D'ram in The Renegades of Pern that F'lar «… mourns T'kul as all dragonriders do.».


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