From "People of Pern" © 1988 Robin Wood. Used with Permission.
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Dragonrider
Dragon Bronze Monarth
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation Benden Weyr
Monaco Bay Weyr
Spouse Weyrmate Mirrim
Children Son
First appearance Dragonsong
Notable appearance The Renegades of Pern

Benden Weyr Shield Monaco Bay Weyr Shield

T'gellan is the Wingleader for the area around Half-Circle Sea Hold, later on he is the leader of second weyr to be open in the south, Eastern Weyr. Rider of bronze Monarth, Weyrmate of Mirrim and green Path, formerly of Benden Weyr.


Wingleader at Benden Weyr

T'gellan returns Harper Elgion to Half Circle Sea Hold after the harper was caught out during threadfall. Elgion is worried about Yanus will react since he was out looking for firelizard eggs, and T'gellan covers smooths things over for him.

Menolly was also caught out in the same threadfall that Elgion was and brought to Benden Weyr. When it is discovered that she has impressed nine firelizards, she tells them about another clutch at her cave. T'gellan takes Menolly to her cave and helps her find the clutch of fire lizard eggs. Later, he takes Menolly to see the latest hatching which includes Jaxom impressing Ruth and Brekke recovering from losing Wirenth.

When he drops off Master Robinton and Menolly at the Harper Hall, he gives her «a sevenday» to make it home and remarks «there is nothing no fear from harpers.». He returns to the Harper Hall a week later to convey some journeyman harpers to their new posts, and gives Menolly a pair of boots that had been made for her while she was at Benden Weyr.

He is the one to bring Lord Asgenar, back to his hold, and is told about the grain and other items being stolen from his minor holdings.

According to the People of Pern, he has always had his eye on Mirrim. However he was waiting until she was older before he made his interest known. Before he can, Mirrim impresses green Path. When Path later rises to mate, Monarth catches her. A few turns pass before the two become weyrmates though, as it takes some time for Mirrim to realize that she returns his feelings.

Becoming Weyrleader

He was named the leader of the 'Eighth Weyr' which was called Eastern until a name could be chosen. The Weyr was made up of a mixture of weyrlings sent to be season before being added to the main wings, and older aging riders, sent to were they can still help out.

Personality and traits

When Menolly bring her oil back from the cave at Dragon Stones, he comments that Manora would like to know more, like to tease Mirrim before she impressed and is some what calming influence to here more blunt ways.


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