Vital statistics
Title Weyrlingmaster
Gender Male
Rank Weyrlingmaster
Dragon Bronze Kessuth
Era First Interval
Second Pass
Affiliation Telgar Weyr
First appearance Red Star Rising / Dragonseye

Telgar Weyr Shield

T'dam was the Weyrlingmaster for Telgar Weyr late in the First Interval and beginning of the Second Pass.


Prior to the Hatching of the clutch of the senior queen Meranath at Telgar Weyr, T'dam stopped the candidates just outside the Hatching Grounds. He said “You’ve long enough to wait on the hot sands as it is - Singe your feet, you could, out there …” When he finally brought the candidates out onto the sand, he had them make a circle around the eggs.

T'dam was near the entrance to the grounds during the Hatching, and tried to prevent green dragon Morath from injuring Lavel when Lavel, Boris and Ganmar tried to prevent Debera from Impressing. T’dam pulled the fallen man out of the dragon’s reach. Then his companions hauled him even farther away while Morath continued to squeal, and writhed to resume her attack.

Later, after T'dam escorted Debera to the Hatching Feast in the Lower Cavern, he met her outside the Female Weyrling Barracks, helping her open both the large dragon door and the the main glowbasket. T'dam then told Debera that “Tisha sent in some other things since you weren’t able to bring any changes with you. And a nightdress, I believe.”

Appearances and Personalty

He had kind and understanding voice and a talent for handling young just-impressed dragons.


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