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Sunrise Sea Cliff Hold is one of the Minor Holds in the Southern Continent.


Sunrise Cliff Seahold is located on the coast of Pern's Southern Continent, and is said to be way east of the main fishercraft hold. It was established fourteen turns prior to the Fireball Flood, when three ships were sailed from Big Bay. The holders are heavily reliant on fishing as a means of support, and are led by Binness, who is a journeyman in the Fishercraft. Medda, Binness's granddam, serves as an unofficial matriarch. The Hold is protected from Thread by Monaco Bay Weyr.


Ninth Pass

Sunrise Cliff Seahold was one of several coastal holds that was to be affected by the tsunami that would cause the Fireball Flood. T'gellan, Weyrleader of Monaco Bay Weyr, would send F'lessan, St'ven, and C'reel to warn the holders and organize and evacuation to higher ground. Though Binness and the holders noticed a warning given by Dolphins, they did not believe the threat until the shockwave from the impacted Fireball reached them.

The townspeople were able to evacuate to higher ground. Intially, the dragonriders had been ordered to leave the boats behind by T'gellan, but were convinced when Binness noted their importance to the hold's survival. Binness would nearly be caught by the incoming wave, but was saved at the last minute thanks to a heroic effort by Golanth, F'lessan's dragon. The three dragonriders would return with supplies later on, where Binness and the holders expressed gratitude for their efforts.



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