Steward was a position of importance in a Hold. The steward worked side by side with the Lord Holder, helping him with his duties and responsibilities.

Role and Responsbilities

Stewards are appointed by the Lord Holder, and serve until they leave or the Lord Holder replaces them. Stewards oversee many of the day to day operations of the Hold, and make regular reports the Lord Holder. A Lord Holder has the ability to leave a Steward in charge while they attend public functions or other duties, except for those tasks specifically requiring a Lord Holder, such as dealing with lawbreakers. Due to the hands on nature of the role, a Lord Holder's heir or other relative will sometimes serve as Steward, allowing them to gain experience in running a hold while still being overseen. Should a Lord Holder need to be chosen, Bloodline members who serve as Stewards can be a leading choice.


During the Eighth Interval, Lessa arranged for the demise of several Stewards who were left in charge of Ruatha following the massacre of the Ruathan Bloodline. She regretted the first one, as he had been an honest man. The following Stewards became more and more incompetent until Ruatha was barely surviving. Near the end of the Interval, Meron, who served as Fax's Steward of Nabol Hold, was chosen as Lord Holder following Fax's demise, as the original bloodline had largely been killed off.

In the Ninth Pass, the steward of Ruatha Hold was Brand. He worked with both Lord Warder Lytol and Lord Jaxom. Jaxom considered him a friend, and often left him in charge while dealing with AIVAS or flying Thread. Ciparis, a brother to Begamon, Lord of Nerat Hold, served as Steward, and was chosen as Lord Holder following Begamon's exile.

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