Stev Kimmer
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Era First Pass
Affiliation Landing
Bitkim Camp
Honshu Stake
First appearance Dragonsdawn
Notable appearance "Rescue Run"

BlankHold BlankHold Miner

Stev Kimmer was a Charter Member of the orginal Pern colonists.


Was one of the colonists helping Avril Bitra mining gems on «Big Island», and along with Avril, became the founding stakeholders of Ista Hold.  After Bitra made her escape in the Mariposa, Kimmer went to the Honshu stakehold where Kenjo Fusaiyuki had claimed his stake acres. After Ted Tubberman successfully summoned a rescue operation, Stev manages to convince the rescue party led by Lieutenant Ross Benden — nephew of the Admiral — that his group of eleven are the only humans left alive. Fooled by the lack of power visible from the North (as fifty years have gone by and already the level of technology used has dropped), Benden removes Kimmer and his party from the planet (not without difficulty, as Kimmer is treacherous and greedy), and places Pern under interdict, forbidding any humans from travelling there lest they spread Thread to other systems.

Personality and traits


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