Stefano Galliani
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Era First Pass
Affiliation Roma Stake
Fort Hold
Siblings Caesar Galliani
First appearance Dragonsdawn
Notable appearance Dragonsdawn

Beast BlankHold Fort Shield

Stefano Galliani was a colonist on Pern.


Founding of the Stake

He and his brother Caesar Galliani where Charter Member and moved breeding stock sheep, from Landing to Roma Stake, after the fuss of the Second Crossing that is why Marco Galliani didn't go hunting with the others, his dragon Duluth waited on the Head for the fire lizards fishing for Packtail to feed him.

Moved North

He stayed the longest time in the Southern Continent after the Second Crossing, its unsure when he moved moved north to Fort Hold having to leave behind many of the fine bloodstock there, after the Fever Year for there was no transportation, Jim Tillek would not bring his Southern Cross out of storage at Ista Island.


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