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40 foot sailing sloop, captained by Jim Tillek, made of durable silicon plastic or siliplastic, brought to Pern during the First Crossing. The deck was of teakwood which Jim brought to Pern as part of his weight allowance as Captain of the Bahrain. The fire lizards protected during the Second Crossing

It could be sailed with a crew of three, slept eight, and had been designed to serve as an exploratory ship as well as a fast courier.

He used it to explore for death hatchlings and eggs, and later the eastern archipelago, and Peri did what contacts was needed with the dolphins.

It had outboard motors which was used not much to safe fuel, he used during the sea rescuer, during the Second Crossing.

Made the Second Crossing, later stored, mothballed in an unnamed and marked cave on Bitkim Island later call Big Island, and Ista Island, it was there during Rescue Run for both and Stev Kimmer.

He wouldn't bring it out its storage place during The Ford of Red Hanrahan, story.

Stev Kimmer used it to show that they were the only left on Pern, for it show the marking of Thread, and that everything was stored neatly so all they had to was, put the mast and its ready to go.



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