Sorka Connell (Hanrahan)
Sorka Connell (Hanrahan) Copyright by Linda Eicher
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Rank Weyrwoman
Dragon Gold Faranth
Era First Pass
Affiliation Landing
Fort Weyr
Spouse Sean Connell
Parent(s) Red and Mairi Hanrahan
Siblings Brian Hanrahan, Ryan Hanrahan
Children Michael Connell, Ezremil Connell, Sorana, L'can, Seamus, P'drig, Orla, "Wee" Sorka
Fire-lizard(s) bronze Duke
First appearance Dragonsdawn

BlankHold Fort Weyr Shield

Sorka Hanrahan was the daughter of Red and Mairi Hanrahan, the wife of Sean Connell and the rider of gold Faranth. She, along with Sean, were the weyrleaders of Fort Weyr during the First Pass.


Sorka came to Pern as a young child with her mother, father and brother Brian. While waiting to land on Pern, Sorka met Sean in the Yokohama's garden. Even though Sean was suspicious of her at first, they eventually became good friends, and later lovers.

It was Sean and Sorka who first discovered fire lizards and their telekinetic powers. After having Impressed some as pets, the creatures came to be very popular across Landing.

Sorka's father, Red Hanrahan, was one of the veterinary specialists recruited for the expedition and later became the founder of Ruatha Hold. Sorka originally studied to become a veterinarian, like her father. When Sean and Sorka became a couple, they started saving work credits for every acre they could purchase, per the Charter.

When Kitti Ping finished the first ever clutch of dragon eggs, Sorka was one of those chosen to be a candidate. At the hatching, she Impressed golden Faranth, the very last dragon to hatch in that particular clutch. She was considered to be the first Weyrwoman of Pern. After Impression, she discovered that she could hear the thoughts of all dragons, not just Faranth.

Sorka died eight years after Sean, of age related disorders. Her children and Wind Blossom were with her at her moment of death. Sorka's final request and will was to have her body donated to science to allow Wind Blossom to analyze the roots and possible solution to early onset dementia that was becoming evident among the elderly population of Pern. However, since Wind Blossom was unable to accede to her wishes, the autopsy was never done. After her death, both her queen Faranth and her fire lizard Duke went between forever together.

Red Hanrahan's Ruatha Hold would, throughout time, become known for producing excellent queen riders. Weyrwoman Lessa of Ruatha Hold in the Ninth Pass was most certainly a distant relative, if not Sorka's direct descendant.

Personality and traits

Sorka was a very patient person when dealing with both her friends and her husband Sean. She was also very good with animals and babies.


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