Vital statistics
Gender male
Rank Drudge
Era Sixth Pass
Affiliation Fort Hold
First appearance Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern
Notable appearance Nerilka's Story

Fort Shield

Sim is Nerilka's personal drudge[1].


He is the drudge, that is assigned to Nerilka, when he isn't do work for he works in the Scullery, he carries a message to Journeyman Desdra at the Healer Hall, helps with carrying, the medication, and soup from Fort Hold that Nerika made. He and three other drudges helped her and MasterHealer leave the Hold via the Kitchen entry.

Personality and traits

He is hard worker, tell Nerika about the Interment Camp, that her father set up, was wearing Fort Hold livery, he said that many Harper, an other folks along with the holdless were there, he had a slow walking speed, who legs are shorter then Nerika.



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