Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Lord Holder
Shunned and Exiled
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation Bitra Hold
Parent(s) Lord Sifer
Children Gomalsi
at least one other unnamed son
Notable appearance All the Weyrs of Pern

Bitra Shield

Sigomal was Lord Holder of Bitra Hold during the Ninth Pass. He was eventually stripped of his rank and exiled for his role in the abduction of Masterharper Robinton.


Sigomal was the son of Lord Sifer of Bitra Hold, and succeeded him as Lord Holder. Sigomal was known to keep to himself, something that was considered preferable to his father's unsavory reputation. Unlike many of the other Lord Holders, Sigomal was not a supporter of AIVAS. Instead, he would secretly plot to discredit the Artificial Intellegence. Sigomal would enlist his son, Gomalsi, in these plans, giving him funds and information, as part of a plot to destroy AIVAS's external batteries, which failed.

Sigomal would attend a council at Tillek Hold to confirm a new Lord Holder after the death of Lord Oterel. Sigomal was noted to prefer the oldest son Blesserel, if only to be able to recoup Blesserel's gambling debts. Sigomal would publicly support Blesserel, but was angry when Ranrel was elected instead. Jaxom would note Sigomal's distrust of AIVAS during the meeting.

Eventually, Sigomal, would start to become more open with his dislike of AIVAS. He would order the quarantine of several Harpers, claiming contagion; the Harpers were released after the Benden Weyrleaders visited. In addition, along with a group of conspirators that included Masterglasssmith Norist and Lord Begamon of Nerat Hold, Sigomal would plot to abduct Masterharper Robinton. The plan was to ransom him in exchange for AIVAS's destruction, as the retired Masterharper was universally liked. Two traders overheard the plot, which was reported to the Harper Hall by Lords Larad and Asgenar. Despite precautions, the kidnapping successfully took place at a Gather in Ruatha Hold, though Robinton was recovered before he could be hidden away. Sigomal would be arrested

In the resulting investigation, it was learned that Lord Sigomal had provided funds and equipment. Likewise, Sigomal's son Gomalsi, was captain of the ship meant to take Robinton away, despite a complete lack of qualifications. Sigomal would attempt to place the blame on his son, but was unsuccessful. As a result of his participation, Sigomal was stripped of his rank and exiled to an undisclosed island in the Eastern Ring. At the council's request, he was succeeded as Lord Holder of Bitra by his third son Sousmal.


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