Shuttles were brought to Pern by the colonists. They were used to transport colonists and goods from the colony ships to the surface.


The Yokohama carried three shuttles, the Moth, the Mayfly and the Eujisan. The Parrakeet, the Swallow and one other shuttle were brought by the Bahrain and the Buenos Aires.

First Pass

The Moth was piloted by Nabhi Nabol and Bart Lemos on a mission to explore the trail of the Red Star. It crashed in the ocean on its return due to a fault in the shuttle's guidance controls.

The Parrakeet and the Swallow were used during the Second Crossing to bring people and supplies to Fort Hold in the north.

Later, when Red Hanrahan founded Ruatha Hold, he used the door from one of the shuttles for the hold's door. Because he and his family arrived on Pern on the Eujisan, he decided that the door he was using must be from the Eujisan.

Ninth Pass

During the Ninth Pass, one of the remaining shuttles was discovered in the Southern Continent.

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