Shunned — according to the Charter it was a way to punish someone. The person was expelled and banished from society. It was also very hard on the rest of the family.

Do not confuse them with the «holdtess» (who lost his home by chance) and «Out and About» (who chose to travel freely with their lifestyle).

Sometime the Shunned gave Traders a bad name. Sometime the family would go with the person shunned or not, depending on the situation.

Known Shunned

First Pass / First Interval

First Interval / Second Pass

Second Interval / Third Pass

They are marked with a letter S with 'bluebush' ink, on their forehead, permanently marking during the, no hold or hall affections, also their name was struck from use, in special cases.

Fire Hold


Fire Hold, was the hold that they could in exchanged for working at the be useful, mining Firestone, farmers and other need task.

Sixth Pass

Eighth Interval / Ninth Pass


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