Shavva bint Faroud
Vital statistics
Title Exploration and Evaluation Corps
Gender Female
Rank Leader
Era Before Landing
Affiliation Federated Sentient Planets
Children Many-time great grandchild Avril Bitra
Notable appearance "The P.E.R.N. Survey"

Shavva bint Faroud was a member of the Exploration and Evaluation Corps team that explored Pern.


Shavva was a biologist and nexialist. Due to the deaths of some of her fellow crew members, she was forced to take on the role of botanist as well. Because Castor, the team captain, was injured and couldn't visit the planet, Shavva was the leader of the expedition to Pern.

On Pern, Shavva made a drink out of the bark from a native tree. She, Ben Turnien and Mo Tan Liu were entranced by the sight of fire lizards. She found a flawless ruby that she kept.

Shavva's notes on Pern were handed down to her descendant, Avril Bitra, who was one of the colonists of Pern. The ruby was also handed down through the generations of her family.


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