Vital statistics
Title Dragonrider
Gender Male
Rank Wingleader
Dragon Bronze Tuenth
Era Eighth Interval
Ninth Pass
Affiliation Benden Weyr
First appearance Dragonflight
Notable appearance Dragonflight

Benden Weyr Shield

S'lel was a dragonrider at Benden Weyr in the Eighth Interval and Ninth Pass. His dragon was bronze Tuenth.


Before Impression

Sellel, as he was known, was weyrbred and resided at Benden Weyr. He was part of a group that met Robinton at a gathering at Benden Weyr. Sellel would eventually be presented as a candidate at a hatching, where he impressed bronze Tuenth at same time of several of his friends. He would shorten his name to S'lel in the traditional fashion.

Wingleader under R'gul, teaching Lessa

S'lel would eventually become a Wingleader at Benden Weyr. He was present at an Impression of Benden Weyr when S'loner, Benden's Weyrleader died suddenly while taking Lord Holder Maidir to Benden Hold. In the aftermath, he would attempt to help a drunken Jora sober up, but would take her to her weyr after failing. Some years later, S'lel would be present at the Gather where F'lon was killed in a duel.

Following Lessa's impression of Ramoth, S'lel would assist R'gul in training her. He agreed with R'gul that Queen dragons only flew to mate. However, S'lel and R'gul would often nitpick over small facts. Lessa would often end these arugments by contacting Tuenth would was usually agreeable.

Appearance, personality and traits

He looked sleepy to her, he would fall sleep.


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