Runnerbeasts, or Runners, are a Pernese mammal that are in fact Terran horses. They have many uses, being employed by Farmers, Runners, Traders, and almost all other people.

Ruatha Shield Keroon Shield


There are two Major Holds that breed Runnerbeasts; Ruatha and Keroon. Ruatha is believed to be the source of Pern's finest racers, and has spent thousands of Turns perfecting its prized breeds.


The mares that were brought, by the ships during First Crossing, one which produced Cricket, and many others. Only breeding stock made it north during the Second Crossing, when Red Hanrahan found Ruatha, he had is special made, Plasticcraft, contain sperm and ova, to bread a better beast for the more hillier Northern Continent, one before he left was King.

Breading for special traits was was Lord Leef, projects had going that the scrubs, show to be sprinting range.


Several crafts made use of either the speed or hauling abilities of Runnerbeasts.




  • In a major departure from Pern canon, in the novel Dragon's Code, Piemur's runnerbeast Stupid is described as having 6 legs. As runnerbeasts are descendants of Terran horses, this would have required some major genetic manipulation which had not been mentioned previously.
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